Ocean FAQ

The Ocean Sustainability Hub provides an opportunity for awardees from the CRA’s 13 funded projects to highlight their findings and showcase publications, presentations, images, and other outputs. The page has a built-in social network that allows Coordinators, Consortium Leads, Researchers, and Stakeholders to coordinate with each other, facilitate engagement beyond one project, and share opportunities. Also featured on the page are a calendar highlighting CRA-specific events, an interactive map, and a visualization showing the transdisciplinary nature of the projects.

The Oceans Sustainability Hub features a public and private interface. To access the private interface, you will need to log in with your user credentials. Users should receive their login credentials via email. To log in, go to belmontforum.org/wp-login.php and enter your username or email address and password. Once you have logged in, go to belmontforum.org/ocean-hub/.

After creating an account, users will be expected to begin populating their profile with a profile photo, cover photo, and other information upon logging into the network. To begin editing a profile, log in and go to the Migration Hub homepage. Under your name, select Profile and then Edit. Once you select Edit, you will be prompted to provide some basic details, such as your First Name, Last Name, and Nickname for tagging. You can also add social media network information, skills and other information.

Groups will be available for all users (Coordinators, Consortium Leads, Researchers, Stakeholders) to join. Users who have logged into the network can find Oceans Groups located under the Oceans Groups and Projects tab of the network.

For internal discussions on the network, select Discussion Forums after logging into the hub.
The user has the option to subscribe to a series of ongoing conversations on the forums and contribute to these discussions. To subscribe and contribute to the discussion, click on the forum you would like to join, then select Subscribe. You can also Unsubscribe.

To add or suggest an event, please contact oceans@belmontforum.org.
For internal discussions on the network, select Discuss. The user has the option to subscribe to a series of ongoing conversations on the forums and contribute to these discussions.

The Hub page has a built-in process for making content available to the public.

The Secretariat, Oceans Coordinators, Consortium Leads, Researchers, and Stakeholders can all submit content to be made publicly available. This proposed content will be forwarded to a public staging group and will be reviewed by the Coordinators. The Coordinators can forward the content to the Secretariat for review, make additional edits or return the proposed content.

The Consortium Lead will be in charge of managing content for the project profile, although he or she can transfer this responsibility to another researcher. The Secretariat, Lux, Oceans Coordinators, Researchers, and Stakeholders can all propose changes or content to be added to the group in an email request to the Consortium Lead. The Consortium Lead can make additional edits and implement the proposed changes or reject the proposed content and send for resubmission.

To update your Email Notification Preferences, go to Account and select email preferences. You have the option to manage which notification you like to receive for Activity Feed, Messages, Social Groups and Connections across all devices. If you don’t want to receive email notification, uncheck Email checkbox for all options.